Nipper & Co.- Raspberry Woman, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Last Stages of Pregnancy, Preconception and PMS

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This powerful herbal infusion with 60% red raspberry leaf is caffeine free natural tea blend traditionally used to strengthen the walls of uterus. Made to help you in preconception, prepare for labour and ease PMS symptoms. 

Key information: 

  • POWERFUL HERBS - A powerful nutritious blend of red raspberry leaf, freeze dried raspberries and mint that create a delicious soothing tea. It is a naturally caffeine free blend to make the best tea to help you in different stages of womanhood.
  • FOR PRECONCEPTION, PMS and FROM 35 weeks of PREGNANCY - raspberry leaf is also known as 'woman's best friend' herb. With long standing tradition of use as 'uterus tonic' and is recommended by midwives to shorten the second stage of labour 
  • ECO FRIENDLY - Vegan and ethically sourced, premium quality whole leaf in biodegradable tea pyramids. No plastic!
  • INGREDIENTS: Raspberry Leaf (60%), Peppermint, Orange peel, lemon Peel, Freeze dried raspberries 
  • UK MADE - We're proud to be blended in the UK with no nasties, no additives or added sugar and in compostable and biodegradable packaging.
  • 14 whole leaf pyramids in every packet, this is a naturally caffeine-free blend with chosen high quality whole leaf botanicals and fruits. You will see whole peaces of freeze dried raspberries in the delicious herbal tea!
  • RISK FREE - try why other mums love this blend with no risk, if you are not happy you get your money back! Only question asked - 'can I support you in any other way' 
  • MADE BY MUM FOR MUM'S - I am a mum of 2 and know about all the joys of pregnancy. I also know how confusing it can be to be sure on what's safe to drink and eat in pregnancy. That is why I used all my knowledge, as MSc in Medicinal Herbs, to create this blend with raspberry leaf that has long standing tradition of use as best botanical to support woman's health in preconception, pregnancy and for woman's reproductive health. 
  • TIPS - If you ever have any concerns or use any medication it is always best to advise with your GP and midwife. If you are using it for PMS try combining with our Moon Goddess Tea. If using in last stages of pregnancy you can start with 1 cup from week 32 and gradually increase to 2-3 cups from week 35. 
  • PREPARATION: Pour freshly boiled water onto 1 tea pyramid, then infuse for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy 2-3 cups a day and store in a dry place away from strong light. To make the most out of your tea and premium quality whole leaves, try using the same pyramid 2 -3 times, just brew it a bit longer each time (just within the same day though)

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