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Our beautifully soft cotton is 100% organic and our clothes are made in a small number of factories which adhere to fair labour practices (see more about our certification below). We work with hundreds of small independent retailers across the UK and further afield and we care about providing them with the best possible service we can - we want to support vibrant high streets in our towns and cities.  And finally, we hope (and we are told) that the design and quality of our clothes means that they can be passed from baby to baby and child to child again and again.

Not everyone can be expected to buy organic products all the time, but we hope that when people have the choice, they will think about the positive benefits to the environment, to the farmers and their families, that organic farming can bring.  

Within our small Oxford base, we also try to minimise our own environmental impact, so all of our company’s electricity comes from renewable sources and any ‘seconds’ (eg. garments with small printing faults) and end of season stock is donated to charities working with vulnerable babies and children.  Through the sale of our greeting cards, we also donate to the incredible work of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), the charity that provides medical assistance around the world in the most challenging and dangerous situations. 

In an increasingly global world, we think the small local things are important: the chat with the shopkeeper; the children playing in the park; the cup of tea with a neighbour. These simple things are like threads that are woven together into the fabric of day-to-day life and we don’t want to lose sight of them.

At Pigeon, we don’t want to grow huge, we just want to do what we love doing, working with people we like, in a way that has a positive impact wherever possible. 

Jane Shepherd (Founder)

Pigeon Organics
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