Little People Big Dreams - The Queen



Queen Elizabeth now features in her very own book. This lovely hardback book is the perfect way to explain to children why The Queen deserves to be celebrated. I had wondered when they would release a book about the Queen and honestly, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

The book takes us through the key events of Queen Elizabeth’s life, from growing up alongside Princess Margaret and moving to the palace after the abdication of the queen. It shows how she was propelled into the role at such a young age after the death of her father and really highlights the sacrifices she has made.

The book touches on some of the influential people she has met throughout her 70-year reign and the positive impact she has had on others. The book also shows the importance of her marriage to Phillip and her dedication to her family, as well as the country.

The book also highlights changes she has brought in during her time as sovereign, including signing a law that gives girls the same rights as boys to inherit the throne.

It’s a really lovely tribute to an inspirational woman and another great addition to the Little People Big Dreams series.


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